Thursday, June 24, 2004

Post #2

I use LJ so often that I rarely leave anything good to say over here. Maybe I'll save this stuff for my mental overflow.

I despise the way people don't use common sense. When I have to set up the way your bank draft checks are going to print, and you send me an almost entirely EMPTY form, don't you think I'm going to need to know what GOES in that form? Am I supposed to just randomly KNOW that you want it to print "Account #: 555555" in the middle of the page where there is no INDICATOR for that? Just putting a BIT more thought into the things they do each day would cause the people of the world to get along a little better.

In the interest of BALANCE, I'm going to make myself post one positive thing for each negative thing.

I like the trend toward healthy food. Even if it does cost more, it's nice to sit down & eat a microwave dinner (in my immediate case, Lasagne Florentine by Lean Cuisine) and not have to feel like you've just gained 3 pounds from the SMELL. It's nice to know that there's food out there you can eat & enjoy and not look at yourself and go "GEEZ. You think you needed THAT?"

On the other hand, Little Debbie cakes don't fall into this category, but I like them anyway. ^_~


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